Wild Hope

In the North words are short.   At least the best ones are.  Maybe they have to be.   People in the North need words they can yell across a fjord or from one boat to another.   The words rarely have a lot of vowels; mostly hard sounds that don’t mind the rain. Often … More Wild Hope


We knew the risk.  We knew the forecast was for a severe thunderstorm late afternoon.   We knew that one of the more esoteric forecasting services showed the possibility of a very severe thunderstorm, significantly stronger than the central forecast put out by the Swiss Meteorological service which most people on Lake Geneva follow, and … More Risk

The V

There are places so powerful that they become part of life, part of your emotional geography.   You experience them once, and they never leave you.   To experience such a place can be exhilarating or it can be frightening because you know you will live with the memory forever.  The Vietnam Memorial in Washington … More The V

Le Cap

First light.  Time to check the sea state from the office window.   The Mediterranean is glass.  Quick.  I’m going. Ten minutes later, parked, getting stuff out of the car.   The little store getting restocked, smell of croissants and baguettes, maybe later.   Get paddle, back support, waterproof bag.  Air still, water like glass. … More Le Cap