The sixth, the seventh and the others


I invite you to my secret world. Will you come?  I invite you to discover senses you never thought you had.  Sit with me, and I will tell you about my encounter with this world and its beings.  Animals or humans, I don’t know.  Close your eyes and open your soul.  You will see spirits that you think you already know.  You will ask me:  Who are they and where do they come from?  I will explain that they were always in my parallel world, but that only human beings with all the senses, and the sixth, the seventh and the others can enjoy the overwhelming experiences of my secret universe. You will ask me:  Where is this world?  I will explain that it is where the sky is not blue, but yellow like the vibrant midday sun.  Where the sun makes you ever more frightened by its heat, by the intense fire that it carries in its body. And you, always eager and driven by your curiosity, will ask me to take you with me to this world.  But I would wonder if the mysterious beings are heading towards us or if they run as if they were fleeing from my secret world.  And I would tell you that the answer is found in the scorched ground with muted colours that separate our lively spirits from the sky with the colour of fire.

You tell me that you understand, that you already know this world and the blue being with its black eyes. You tell me not to worry because he is your usual companion ready to travel with us in this world of fantasy and nightmare; the world of those with all the senses and the sixth, seventh and the others.  And you accept my invitation.  We are set to travel in all worlds, in mine and all of yours.

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