Un violador en tu camino

May I recommend you watch this video?   Fiddle with the “settings” to get English subtitles if needed.

Un violador en tu camino

I wrote earlier this year about the 8M demonstrations in Spain and other countries, and about how they took the celebration of the International Women’s Day to a different and dynamic level.   The topic of this video is a women’s battle cry that started in Chile earlier this month.  It takes the 8M message further.  It communicates – no, it screams – that women truly have had enough. It does so at a completely different decibel level.  It is urgent and hard hitting.   This protest voice has no equivalent in the male world.

I don’t want to attempt to interpret this primal scream from women globally.   Their performance speaks louder and clearer than any mansplaining guy in his 60s could ever aspire to.   I can only watch and share the video, and hope the ridiculous inequality and violence women suffer will see some real reduction. Soon.   

I couldn’t stop watching this video. I am excited to see what happens next.

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