May I tell you a story about a Danish girl? Come with me to Denmark, to its northernmost region called Vendsyssel. And come back in time with me to 1915 or so. A complicated time in the world, a simple time in the small town where we are headed. You are free to deploy all … More Linda


We are seven so many They taught me everything why did I stutter? They tackled the bullies there were other wounds I feel the scars they don’t hurt We were close  I ran away I am coming back  their arms are open  We have the same eyes  we see different things Our voices are similar  … More Siblings


I grew up with 6 women.  Five sisters and my mother.  It’s a long time ago – the 60s.   Our home was full of debate and thirst for change in religion, politics, and women’s rights.   My sisters were passionate and typical of their generation.   Tired of the old world and the quiet … More 8M

Let live, and live

I don’t know what my two children are up to this week-end.  I’m fine with it – I think.  It’s how we have raised them – I think.  So why the hesitation?  Isn’t it exactly how I wanted it?  Isn’t it exactly how they want it? Yes, but.. Our nomadic family of four was tight … More Let live, and live