I grew up with 6 women.  Five sisters and my mother.  It’s a long time ago – the 60s.   Our home was full of debate and thirst for change in religion, politics, and women’s rights.   My sisters were passionate and typical of their generation.   Tired of the old world and the quiet … More 8M

Let live, and live

I don’t know what my two children are up to this week-end.  I’m fine with it – I think.  It’s how we have raised them – I think.  So why the hesitation?  Isn’t it exactly how I wanted it?  Isn’t it exactly how they want it? Yes, but.. Our nomadic family of four was tight … More Let live, and live

Scars are beautiful

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with a couple of grown-ups in a private and quiet location.  We were new friends and didn’t know each other well, but there was time to talk and get to know each other.   It’s never “work” that keeps a real conversation going very long. … More Scars are beautiful

The Big Reset

“What are you going to do?”   “You’ll be so bored!”  “You can’t just sit at home!”   “Do you want to join the Board?” Tough questions for the guy who just wanted out. I started working back when Carole King was singing “You’ve Got a Friend“ so by 2017 it was time to see … More The Big Reset